Inspired by the calling of our community. SBR of Victoria set out to host its inaugural event and Victoria's first ever half marathon on December 9 2012 in an effort to raise money for the Golden Crescent Chapters of CASA and Habitat for Humanity.  
The SBR Holiday Half has a new concept for 2013 with plans of a Yuletide theme, a 5K & 10K in addition to the half, all still to include the many festivities of last year. 
SBR Holiday Half:  A Riverside Yuletide!
Yule is attested early in the history of the Germanic peoples. The events of Yule are generally held to have centered around Midwinter, and feasting, drinking and sacrifice were involved. 
Experience traditions of the past as we delight you with visions of holidays of old and inspire you to an early New Year's Resolution Challenge.
"In ancient times, both Druids and Romans hung sprigs of mistletoe in their homes and places of celebration to bring good fortune, peace and love!
-Customs and Folktales for December
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2 loop course around the parks landmarks like Riverside Stadium, Victoria Botanical Gardens and the Guadalupe River.
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1 full loop of the 2 loop Half Marathon Course. 
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Your fastest 5K of the year!
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Half Marathon